This variety is selected in USA and is new to our country. The tree is moderately to very vigorous, with skeletal branches, that form a wide, open crown. The blossom is moderately late. The variety is triploid, i.e. a bad pollinator. It is pollinated by the group of Red Delicious, Melrouge, Gloster, Florina, Idared, Granny Smith. The variety ripes early and produces heavy crops. Moderately sensitive to apple scab and powdery mildew. The fruits are large, roundish-conical, with yellow-green basic color, covered in more or less (depending on the year and the place of growing) with smudged and striped red color. The flesh is cream-colored, crackling, sweet, pleasantly tart, with very good quality. The harvest ripening comes about 15-20 September, or almost at the same time as Golden Delicious. Requires careful manipulation and transportation, will store in common conditions about 3 months and in cold – about 6 months.