Bigarreau Burlat

Origin and distribution. A French sort, originating by a probably random seed in Rona department. It is one of the most popular cherry sorts in France. Popular in Spain and to some extent in other European countries. Imported in Bulgaria in 1967. Popular in the Kyustendil region. Basic standard sort. Agrobilogical and ecological characteristics. The tree is average to fast growing with wide pyramidal to average thick crown. The branches have mainly May bouquets. Early blossoming. Good to pollinate with Napoleon, Hedelfinger and Early Rivers. The sort is inter-sterile with Bigaro Moro. Starts producing crop about 4-5 years after seeding has moderate to good vigor. Cold resistance is below average, sensitive to late spring cold. Not very sensitive to sachmyanka and early brown rotting, tolerant to some virus illness, very sensitive to cylinder sporiosis. The fruit cracks if there are is a lot of raining during the ripening. Requires good air drainage, light and rich soil. The fruit ripens end of May, beginning of July. It is large (23 x 24 x 21mm), average weight 7,4g, wide heart-shaped, a bit flat with dull point. The belly side is a bit inflated, the belly seam is not visible коремния шев не личи. The stalk is short. The back side is wide shallow hollow. The skin is thick, dark-red, glanced. The meat is dark-red thick, juicy, sweet, a bit sour, excellent quality. The juice is red. The stone is mid large (12 x 10 x 7mm), average weight 0,3g, forming 4,1 % of the weight of the, wide egg-shape, smooth, easy separating from the flesh. Technological characteristics.The fruit is not prone to bruising – good for manipulation and transportation. Used mainly as a desert. Good for mechanized cropping.