About us

Fruit Nursery SP “Stoyan Gospodinov”

I started grafting orchard trees since before I started school, with a graft from the tasty neighbour’s apricot in my home village of Pustrogor, district Svilengrad, and with the strong grandpa’s gene. I have worked as a mechanic and a constructor in the military factory “Arsenal” and not for a moment I have stopped to be engaged in agriculture. First I grew vegetables in the yard in v. Krun, district Kazanluk, the home village of my wife. I have been grafting orchard trees since 1981, but only as a hobby. I created my own company SP “Stoyan Gospodinov” in 1991, after I have completed a special training in the orchard institute in Plovdiv, which gives me the right to produce orchard trees. I started an orchard nursery, on an inherited area of 10 decars, near v. Krun. At the beginning this land seemed like too much, but at the moment I own 1100 dekars own land. I own my own base for paddings – 35 dekars and 25 dekars for grafts.

I own a license for production and trade with orchard seedlings. The nursery is one of the largest in Bulgaria, producing between 150 000 and 200 000 engrafted fruit trees from 14 fruit species and over 100 varieties, maintaining grafts for another 150 varieties.

There are orchard gardens created using orchard seedlings from the nursery, all over Bulgaria, as well as in Romania and Switzerland.