Fruit Nursery SP “Stoyan Gospodinov”

Planting the fruit tree (for amateur fruit growers)

When planting, the following must be added to the top soil: 0.5 kg of super phosphate, 0.250 kg of pottasium fertilizer (may be replaced by 1 kg wood ash, if you have some) and 1 bucket of decayed manure. After filling the hole, the soil must be well compacted, watered with 1 bucket of water, when the water is absorved, 2-3 shovelfuls of soil more must be thrown on top.

Planting the fruit tree (in orchards)

An analysis of the planting areas is performed (PH and the soil reserves of nutrients). Cleaning the areas from trees, bushes and larger hard objects. Pro-sowing fertilization with mineral fertilizers. Trenching to a depth from 60 cm. to 80 cm. Leveling the terrain. Marking the planting spots. Digging the planting holes to a depth of 50-60 cm. (it may be done using a mechanized hole digger – drill, with a diameter of 60 cm.). Real planting.

Planting spacing for different varieties


  Rootstock ММ 106 – 4 x 2,5m

  Rootstock M9 – 4 x 1,5m


  Rootstock BA 29 – 4 x 2,5m

  Rootstock Wild Pear – 8 x 7m

Quince and Medlar:

  Rootstock BA 29 – 4 x 4m


  Rootstock Mahalebka – 7 x 6m


  Rootstock Mahalebka – 6 x 5m

Apricot and Plum:

  Rootstock Wild Plum – 6 x 5m


  Rootstock Peach – 4 x 4m

Hazelnut: 5 х 3м

Cornus Mas: 4 х 2.5м