Fruit Nursery SP “Stoyan Gospodinov”

Autumn Sprinkling

Performed when in the period 10 November – 15 December against leaf curl on peaches, fungal and bacterial diseases on the stone and seed fruit varieties.

Winter Sprinkling

Performed for orchard varieties over 3 years of age until the physiological swelling of the buds.

Spring Sprinkling

Performed when the the buds swell, agains leaf curl on peaches and other fungal and bacterial diseases on the orchard varieties.

Pre-blossoming Sprinkling

Sprinkling from the swelling to the opening of the buds:

  a. Seed fruit varieties – against scab, powdery mildew, fire blight, weevil, Leaf Curling Aphids, greenflies, apple fruit wasp.

  b. Stone fruit varieties – against leaf curl, early brown rot, xanthomonas pruni, cherry weevil, fruit wasps, greenflies and Leaf Curling Aphids.

Blossom Sprinkling

  a. For seed varieties use the combined sprinklings like with pre-blossoming sprinkling.

  b. For stone varieties, treat against brown rot, xanthomonas pruni and against still active pests, the same as pre-blossoming sprinkling.

After blossom /Vegetational/ Sprinkling

They are performed at intervals of 8-14 days, starting after the fruit varieties shed their blossoms and continues according the the specific fruit variety, until 15.08 – 01.09.

  a. Seed fruit varieties – against apple scab, powdery mildew, late brown rot, Leaf Curling Aphids, Codling moths, fruit worms, mites, greenflies.

  b. Stone fruit varieties – against xanthomonas pruni, brown rot, white russeting, cherry fly, greenflies and Plant Bugs, Leaf Curling Aphids, fruit worm.

To achieve maximum effect from the plant protecting activity, it is absolutely necessary to take into consideration the signals from the centers for forecast and alerts for appearance and development of the diseases and pests for your specific region.