A comparatively new French variety, almost unknown to our producers and consumers. The tree is very vigorous, with widely round crown. Blossoms comparatively late. The variety is troploid, i.e. bad pollinator. It is pollinated by the varieties of Red Delicious – Melrouge, Granny Smith, Prima. It has early bearing and good and regular cropping, less sensitive to apple scab and powdery mildew than Golden Delicious variety. The fruits are large to very large, round-conical, with regular shape, yellow-green, slightly sensitive to russeting. The flesh is light cream-colored to yellowish, thick, juicy, sweet-tart, aromatic, with very good quality. The harvesting ripe is during the first ten days of October. Requires more careful manipulation and transportation. Keeps in normal conditions 3-4 months, and in cool – about 6 months.