A new variety, selected in France, where it is famous for its name Querina. Practically unknown in Bulgaria. The tree is very vigorous, with thick conical crown. The blossom is comparatively late. The variety is a good pollinator. It is pollinated by the varieties of the group of Red and Golden Delicious – Prima, Melrouge, Idared, Granny Smith. It has early bearing and heavy cropping. Resiliant to apple scab, very slightly sensitive to powdery mildew and fire blight. The fruits are mildly large to large, round-conical to round-flattish, often with unsymmetrical halves. The basic color is yellow-green, and the cover – smudged and striped red to dark red, almost all around the whole fruit, they have moderate wax cover. The flesh is cream-colored, crackling, juicy, sweet, slightly tart, aromatic, with very good quality. The harvest ripening is about the end of September the beginning of October. They tolerate well manipulation and transportation, and the storage is about a month better than the one of Golden Delicious.