Created in USA. Locally it is widely spread after 1979. The tree is vigorous to moderately vigorous. The blooming is moderately late. It features abnormally developed blossoms – some don’t have a normal number of petals, and others are underdeveloped. The variety is a good pollinator. It is pollinated by the varieties from the group of Golden Delicious – Idared, Jonathan, Granny Smith, Prima, Florina. It doesn’t have to be planted near varieties of the group of Red Delicious, because they cannot pollinate each other. The variety is early bearing and heavy cropping. Displays moderate sensitivity to apple scab and powdery mildew. The fruits are large to very large, roundish flat to roundish conical, yellow-green, covered on the most part by dark red coloring. The flesh is pale, cream-colored, juicy, sweet-tart, with very good quality. The harvest ripening is during the third ten days of September. Tolerates well manipulation and transportation and keeps better than Red Delicious, and towards the end of storage gets floury texture.