The tree is moderate to strong growing with average big and brushy round crown. The fruit buds on the seed branches are dense. The leaf glands are kidney-like, the blossoms are rose. Blossoms early and abundantly. Self-sterile and vigorous sort. Sensitive to curliness and powdery mildew. Relatively resistant to low winter temperatures. The fruit ripens after mid August about 12 days before Hale. It is large to very large (74 х 72 х 69 mm), average weight 200 g, ellipse shape, almost symmetric. The skin is naked, lemon-yellow, partially covered with dillutedа red coloring and grey-white spots, which makes the fruit motley. Some fruit is mostly red. The flesh is yellow, reddish around the stone, with red nerves, juicy, sweet, a bit sour, very good quality. The stone is big (41 х 18 х 27 mm), average weight 7,5 g, it is about 4% of the weight of the fruit, can be separated from the meat; dark, oblong, heavily grooved with long neck and small pointy top. The fruit is good for fresh consumption. Good for processing into juice. The fruit is not prone to bruising to some extent – good for manipulation and transportation.