Origin and distribution. Local sort with uknown origin. Can be found in Karlovo region. Also in Plovdiv region to some extent. Agrobiological and ecological characteristics. The tree is average growing. The crow is round, mid thick. Skeletal branches come out at low angle. Good fruit bearing tree mainly consisting of May bouquets and blossom branches. Blossoms mid early (2 – 3 days later than the Red Afuska and Enibakanka). Self sterile sort. Pollinates mainly with red afuska. Early cropping and very vigorous. Resistant to red leaf stains. Has good resistance to low winter temperature. Sensible to late spring frost and и ground frost is weaker than the Red Afuska, the fruit ripens towards the end of July. They are very large (34 х 35 х 33 mm), average weight 24 g, round and beautiful. The belly seam is hardle visible line on the surface of the fruit. The point is small, rusty-brown on the surface. The skin is thick, pale-yellow, yellow when ripe, with multiple hard-to-see very small under-skin spots, hard to separate from the flesh. The flesh is moderate juicy, sweet, a bit sour, with a tone of aroma reminding an apricot, very good quality. The stone is small (14 х 7 х 10 mm), average weight 0,5 g, forming 2,1% of the weight of the fruit, oval, a bit flat, with a bit dimple surface and a smooth belly seam, almost without an arch. Easy to separate from the flesh.Technological characteristics. Not ripen fruit is good for transportation and can be consumed fresh, also preserved in jam and nectar.