Gloster 69

A variety new to our country, created in FRG, under the name Gloster 69. The tree is vigorous, with tidy broom-like crown and long skeletal branches, visibly bare at the base. The blooming is comparatively late. It is a good pollinator, and its pollinators are the varieties from the group of Golden Delicious – Melrouge, Granny Smith, Florina. Sensitive to apple scab and slightly sensitive to powdery mildew. The fruits are moderately large, roundish to elongated conical (resemble the ones of Red Delicious variety), with yellow-greenish basic color, covered with red to dark-red color almost on the whole fruit. The flesh is pale cream-colored, crackling, sweet, pleasantly tart with very good quality. The harvest is during the third ten days of September, almost simultaneously or short after Golden Delicious variety. Tolerates well manipulation and transportation. Keeps almost the same as Jonagold. Towards the end of the storage period, gains floury texture and loses its taste qualities.