Granny Smith

Australian variety, still not very well spread here. The tree is very vigorous, with wide, revese conical crown, with skeletal branches visibly bear at the base. The blossom is moderately late, and the variety is a good pollinator. Its pollinators are the varieties Gloster, from the group of red and Golden Delicious, Mollie’s Delicious, Melrouge, Aivania. It has good an regular cropping, slightly sensitive to apple scab and moderately sensitive to powdery mildew. Its fruits are averagely large to large, round-conical, with regular shape, intensive green, sometimes with slight brown-reddish blush. The flesh is whitish, thick, juicy, sweet-tart, pleasantly fresh, with good to very good quality. The harvest ripening is during the last ten days of October. Tolerates very well manipulation and transportation. In normal conditions keeps 4-5, and in cold – 6-7 months. It has to be bread in places with long and warm winter.